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About Japanese Auto World (JAW)

Japanese Auto World (JAW) is one of the most reliable marketplaces of used Japanese car/auto/vehicle and auto spare parts exporters mainly located in Japan. These dealers want to offer used Japanese cars and foreign vehicles including trucks, buses, construction machinery, motorbikes and used auto spare parts to their customers globally. These are the companies that are looking for a competitive platform that offers them open access to their customers. In fact, YOU, as our used Japanese car exporters` directory member, have full control over who to do business with. We will not take away your customers in any way.

About Japanese Auto World (JAW)

We, at the, provide FULL access to whatever messages our members receive from their customers. No restrictions at all whatsoever. You have to offer your cars to the customers on your own. You negotiate the price and payment terms with your customer.  All the emails which you get from your potential customers will go to you only and no one else.

The simple reason we decided to develop this most comprehensive directory for exporters of used Japanese vehicles and used car parts is to offer an open environment whereby both Japanese used car dealers and customers from all parts of the world can interact with one another without any hassle.

Our competitors do not allow their members to contact their customers directly. Instead, they send the same inquiries to all the members of their websites simultaneously. However, we do not do that. We let the customers, as well as the used Japanese car dealers, interact with one another without any interruption. We show your complete contact details to your potential customers.

Another important reason we established this used Japanese car exporters` directory is that, due to the changing economic conditions in many countries, ordinary consumers have become more vocal about what types of cars they want. They want to have better choices and would like to improve their lifestyles by choosing the cars of their own dreams and liking.  As a result, the demand for high-quality used Japanese cars, vehicles, and related spare parts and motorbikes has increased exponentially in the past few years.

Our Office:

〒179-0072 Tokyo Nerima Ku, Hikarigaoka

Tel: +81-3-6904-3399

Fax: +81-3-6904-3399



Japanese Auto World (JAW) Services

We simply provide the following to promote the business activities of our used Japanese car exporters` directory members.

  • Create a full-fledge mini-website for JAW members to add whatever business  information they think is necessary on their mini-website
  • Connect the Japanese used car exporters with their  potential  customers from all over the world directly
  • Provide free exchange of information among buyers and sellers
  • Promote all the members` business activities on major social networks including Facebook and Twitter
  • Introduce high quality used Japanese cars, vehicles, and spare parts to the buyers  all over the world

So, why wait for the customers to come to you. Get out of your comfort zone, become our member of the used Japanese car exporters` directory, and start talking with customers of quality used Japanese cars.

To know how we can help you get more business from your potential customers, please contact us by filling out the following form.