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Iseki Tractor

It is a pleasure for us to start introducing high quality used Japanese  farming agricultural machinery.  Insha Allah, we plan to supply used tractors, planting and harvesting machinery, components and engines.  Buying used Iseki tractor from Japan through network is fairly easy. Just contact us and we will provide you all the info to make a quick decision on whether you want to buy this used Iseki tractor. 

Buying Used Iseki Tractors From Japan

Iseki, as you may all know, is the third largest agricultural machinery manufacturer.  It offers its customers tractors, planting and harvesting machinery, components and engines for the purposes.  It started manufacturing tractors in 1961. Today, we plan to offer you the followingh used Iseki Japanese tractor. 

Manufacturer: Iseki

Model Name: TS3110

Year: 2000

Hours: Net Weight: 1000 KG


Fuel: Diesel

Engine: 3 cil


The tractor at hand is in a good working condition and you could use it directly without any problem.