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Wanna buy a quality used Japanese truck? No problem, we are here to walk you through all the nasty and scary steps a first time buyer of a used Japanese truck has to go through without a proper guidance. We are going to cite the most important factors for you to consider while making an important decision of selecting a high-quality used Japanese truck from a Japanese trucking company like us. 

  • Age – is the truck new enough to enter the roads of your country and withstand the rough terrain you may have in your target regions and places you plan to take this truck to?
  • Make of truck – As you may know there are several Japanese makers of trucks you might be looking for, you might want to survey which Japanese truck maker has any spare parts dealer available in your vicinity where you could go visit for any maintenance purposes whenever the need arises
  • Payload – is the truck flexible enough for what you might need in terms of its payload- the load it can carry on the body
  • Service history – does the truck have bad records in the past when it was seriously damaged due to a major accident etc.
  • Tyres – Are the tires in great condition to withstand all kinds of road conditions
  • Engine – is it smoky/underpowered/noisy? Does it give any strange sounds etc.?
  • Interior – does it look well loved and well-maintained by the previous owner?

Apart from the above mentioned points, you may also think seriously about the exterior of the truck to make sure it is clean enough and has no serious damage or dents.  However, as you may know, the most important factor you maty consider is the engine quality of the truck you want to purchase. make no compromises on this issue, look for any reliable reviews for used Japanese trucking company you want to make a deal with. Once you consider all the above mentioned factors, hopefully, you will get a great deal.