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How to determine which auto spare parts your vehicle needs?  This is an important question which is often left to the nearby auto repair shops when we need our cars to get repaired.  However, as cars are becoming more user-friendly with the passage of time, more and more drivers are familiarizing themselves with at least some of the auto parts they have to deal with on a regular basis.  Now, even ordinary folks can guess pretty correctly what auto spare parts their car may need to get fixed.  If you have an understanding of what auto parts need to be fixed and where these parts are located,  you will be able to discuss your car issues with your auto mechanic more intelligently and thus greatly reduce the risk of being ripped off by these auto repair shops. Following are some of the tips you may want to apply to know exactly which auto spare parts your car may need to keep on running on the road properly.

How to Determine Which Auto Spare Parts Your Vehicle Needs?

Ask Other Experienced Drivers

It may not be a fool-proof method. However, it does not hurt to ask people who have been driving cars for a long time. This may not help all the time. However, it may give you a reasonable clue as to what you should be looking for in your car.

Visit More Than One Auto Mechanics In Your Vicinity

To avoid any fraudulent estimates by any specific auto mechanic, visit at least two or three repair shops to ascertain which auto spare parts your car may need. Not every mechanic tells you the truth as their main objective is to grab as much money as they can. However, by visiting two or three repair shops, you will have a good idea of what auto spare parts need to be replaced in your car.


What Auto Spare Parts You Should Know about?

1. Battery
2. Brakes
3. Axle
4. Fuel Injector
5. Piston
6. A/C Compressor
7. Radiator
8. Engine Fan
9. Clutch
10. Car Jack
11. Spare Tire
12. Transmission
13. Shock Absorbers
14. Air Filter
15. Spark Plug
16. Catalytic Converter
17. Muffler
18. Pressure Gauge
19. Alternator
20. Power Steering Fluid
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