Skip to main content announced the introduction of  Japanese Used Vehicle Exporters` Directory. The comprehensive directory of used Japanese car, truck, bus and spare parts exporters in Japan  and elsewhere aims to attract more and more customers globally to grow the export business of our members in Japan. An equally important objective of the exporters` directory is to offer a no-hassle environment to used japanese car customers from all over the world no matter which car they want to purchase.

Main Objective For Introducing Introducing Japanese Used Vehicle Exporters` Directory

Our goal with this brand new web site is to provide both Japanese used car customers and exporters worldwide to connect with one another freely.  We aim to provide both the dealer and customer sides a hassle-free environment where they can interact with one another without any fear or pressure on either of the side.

Our website allows Japanese used car customers to search for a suitable Japanese used cars dealer operating in Japan. All their mails will go directly to the Japanese used cars exporter and no one else. We simply do not try to steal your data or business.

Japanese used car dealers can interact with their potential customers spread globlly without worrying about any of their customer or data loss.  You can start business discussions with your potential customers without involving anyone else.  You can keep the secret of your business as only YOU will know who your potential and existing customers are and what they are buying from you.

The new website is fully interactive. Potential customers can leave their comments about any dealer or any car of their choice.  They can also contact us directly to discuss any of their requirements We aim to make this online Japanese used car exporters directory the largest on the Internet.

The website also has integrated social media buttons of Facebook, Twitter etc. Please do like our Facebook page. Also become a follower on our twitter page.  We hope the inclusion of these social media buttons will foster improved communication among both the dealer and client sides.

We plan to update our content with helpful information on regular basis. We have already started writing articles, blogs on various topics of interest.

We hope you will find the new website refreshing and modern. We worked hard to make sure it contains valuable  information on the offerings by the Japanese used car dealers in Japan to their potential customers all over the world.

Should you want to get detailed information about any car, truck, or bus/van listed on our site, please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience.  Our top priority is to satisfy you and give you the information you need to have to make informed decisions for your next purchase of any used Japanese vehicle of your choice.