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Today, we are excited to provide you with a detailed overview of used Subaru Exiga car from Japan. For some of the folks, it may not be the most popular compact MPV. But, it is a great crossover utility vehicle for the people on the budget. It was first launched as a concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2007. Since then, its 2008,2009,2010,2011,2012, 2015 models got a warm welcome from Subaru enthusiasts around the world.


However, two things make Subaru Exiga very attractive for budget buyers. It is a seven-seater car suitable even for larger families. Second, it has unmatched panoramic visibility for the passengers due to its super-sized glass roof. It has impressive safety features. It offers comfortable interior space even for the passengers sitting in the last row.



Availability of Used Subaru Exiga From Japan


Currently, we have at least one unit of used Subaru Exiga from Japan available in our stock. Please have a look at the details and buy it if for a reasonable price.


Used Subaru Exiga From Japan


What Type of car Subaru Exiga Is?

Subaru introduced this vehicle as a concept car in 2007. According to Subaru Motor Co., the word Exiga denotes the words "exciting and active". It has a 1994 cc turbocharged engine. The engine is based on Subaru Impreza WRX. It is mainly available in four trip options which are as follows.

  1. 2.0i (Entry level version)

  2. 2.0i-L

  3. 2.0i-S

  4. 2.0 GT (Turbocharged engine with intercooler)

The first three trip options mentioned above offer non-turbo-charged engines. In case of a turbocharged engine, the car will have grille and hood scoop. The chrome plated version of the car is reserved for the cars with non-turbocharged engines. Subaru discontinued the Exiga car in March 2018.


Subaru Exiga Specifications


  • Subaru Exiga 2.0GT (A)

  • ENGINE     1994cc, 16-valves, flat-4, turbocharged

  • MAX POWER     225bhp at 5600rpm

  • MAX TORQUE     326Nm at 4400rpm

  • GEARBOX     5-speed automatic with manual select

  • 0-100km/h     7.4 seconds

  • TOP SPEED     180km/h (governed)

  • CONSUMPTION     11.1km/L (combined)


Subaru Exiga is shaped like an estate. Its smooth shoulder lines and slippery rooflines make it a modern MPV.



Main Features Of Subaru Exiga


  • Panoramic glass roof

  • HID Headlights

  • Cruise Control

  • 17-inch Smoke Grey Alloy Wheels

  • Nifty Roof Spoiler

  • Electric Driver`s Seat

  • Dual-zone Air-conditioning


Why Do People Like It?


Perhaps, the most important reason people love this car is the supersize panoramic glass roof and theater-style seats. The rear passengers sit a little higher than those on the front seats. Another interesting feature of the car is that the rear seatbacks have fold-down tray tables, similar to those on airplanes.

Overall Driving Experience With A Subaru Exiga

Although it is a big car in size, it does not feel heavy while driving and is easy to maneuver. Although it is an MPV, it drives as light as a 5-seater car which is great for driving experience. Low center gravity of the boxer engine makes it feel like a lighter car.


The exterior of Subaru Exiga



Interior Of Subaru Exiga


The interior of the car looks a lot more spacious than Mazda5, Toyota Wish, and Honda Stream. However, Honda Odyssey offers more space than Subaru Exiga.  Getting into the third row is an easy job without disturbing passengers on the second row. All three rows give a clear view of the front. The second and third row increase in height in steps so that all three rows get a clear outside view.

However, the downside of having seven passengers in the car may mean that not much room is left for luggage. Maybe, only two suitcases will fit.

Major Markets For Subaru Exiga

Subaru initially sold Exiga in Australia, Indonesia, and Singapore as a brand new vehicle.  In Australia, the car was renamed as Subaru Liberty Exiga due to the good reputation of Subaru Liberty already being sold in the market. However, the company did not sell this model in the US market. Rather, it offers a similar car in the market. It is Subaru Tribeca with 7 seats.  Indonesia is one of the largest markets for this car. It offers plenty of space for all the passengers to sit in the car in a relaxed manner.  It may be advised, though, that the third-row seats of the car should be reserved for children as the seating position in this row is not comfortable

What Customers Say about Subaru Exiga Car?

When Subaru Exiga was introduced in 2008, potential customers thought it was a compact people mover. However, Subaru marketed the car as the family wagon.  It has a boxy shape with the tall stance. keen observers of the car thought it would fit into the Subaru Liberty range. It has a spacious cabin to accommodate a lot of luggage.   Like all Subaru models, the Exiga is an all-wheel drive. It has all the basic amenities a person would look for in a modern compact car. It comes with DVD entertainment, ABS and power windows etc. Many customers believe that, although the car does not look like an SUV, it is very practical for larger families.


Subaru Exiga Exterior