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Toyota Estima or Toyota Previa or Toyota Tarago is a multi-purpose vehicle. It is a super charge, all-wheel drive minivan.Toyota introduced the vehicle in 1990. In the US and Canada, the car is called as Previa minivan. Toyota terms both Toyota Sienna and Toyota Estima as the second largest minivan among Toyota`s models after Toyota Alphard/Velfire. Its specifications range from basic to luxurious. Today, we plan to provide you basic information about used Toyota Estima Car From Japan. We will also link this blog post to all the Toyota Estima cars available in our stock.  Please browse through our existing stock of Toyota Estima Cars at any time. To view any other car, please click here.

Used Toyota Estima Car From Japan

Toyota Estima History

Since Toyota Corporation started manufacturing the car in 1990, it has undergone three major phases over 30 years.  it started as a fairly large MPV. Over the years, Toyota has introduced Hybrid and other important facelift features into Toyota Estima as well. 

First Generation

The first generation of Toyota Estima had only one sliding door for the rear passengers. Toyota thought that, maybe, children should not have to come out of the car from the other side as a safety precaution. However, now the company has been offering Toyota Estima cars which have rear doors on both the sides. Toyota introduced two smaller versions of the car, namely Toyota Estima Lucida and Toyota Estima Emina.  Japanese Auto World is offering a 2nd generation Toyota Estima 2004 in excellent condition. Please have a look at it if interested.

2nd Generation Toyota Estima

Toyota introduced sliding doors on both sides in Toyota Estima in 2000. it launched a 3.0-liter V6 engine and a hybrid version of the Estima car. The company started offering its  Hybrid version in 2001. Toyota claims the version as the world`s first Hybrid minivan.

Third Generation Toyota Estima

Toyota introduced  third generation of the car in 2006. Features of the car include a second-generation Hybrid Synergy Drive drivetrain, automatic parallel and back-in parking, track-mounted second row reclining seats with footrests, and power-folding split third row seats. Toyota added G-BOOK as an optional feature in 2009.

Toyota Estima Reviews

Toyoa Estima is one of the best minivan family car. It can accomodate seven or eight passengers. The middle row of the seats is spacious in both variants of the car. The eight-seater version of the car replaces the middle seats with a more traditional 60:40 style bench. The back row is a bench that folds 60:40. Even the rear seats are quite comfortable. There is a reasonable luggage space near the rear seats. The rear door is automated, making it easier to put luggage. The middle rows allow passengers to move back and forth. Driver can electronically control the rear sliding doors. Four-wheel drive is also an option for slippery surfaces. For a better view of the interior of the car, please watch the following movie.

Toyota Estima 2004 Video Review

You could also watch detailed photos of the car in question at the following URL.

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