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Used Japanese Trucks

Top Quality Japanese Trucks By Nakano Auto

What Makes Nakano Auto Special!!

We are proud to announce that Nakano Auuto, one of the largest used Japanese truck dealer of the country has joined forces with us to sell its high quality used Japanese trucks to our worldwide customers. Offering used Japanese trucks of top-notch quality is our speciality. Our partner, Nakano Auto, has been selling top brand used and new Japanese trucks since 1976. As you can see from the pictures given below, we give greatest importance to quality and inspect our used Japanese trucks stock thoroughly before shipping it to our customers in Japan and elsewhere. From buying our stock of used Japanese truck to actually delivering the same at the customer`s doorstep, we make sure that you get ONLY the best quality used japanese trucks by all the Japanese truck manufacturers.  In fact, we NEVER compromise on the quality.

Our Staff Selects ONLY Superior Quality Used Japanese Trucks

Our professional staff carefully selects high quality trucks out of hundreds of vehicles available in the auto auctions all over Japan. After purchasing these trucks, our mechanics thoroughly inspect these vehicles to make sure that they meet highest quality standards set by us.

Thorough In-House Inspection of Vehicles

Once the vehicle is brought at our yard, our mechanical engineers inspect it thoroughly to make sure that there are no problems with the truck in question and is ready to be used by our customers. You may confirm the details of the vehicle in question by checing its inspection sheet given on our website.

Internal & External Body Parts Cleaning

We conduct internal and external cleaning of the vehicle by polishing whereever needed. We also do masking,

Display of all the best vehicles

We display only the best vehicles on the website. We regularly update our website to display these vehicles. Please visit our website to check the latest stock. Once all the cleaning and fine tuning is done, we will put the vejhicles on display on our website.

Completion of Purchasing Process

Once you show interest in purchasing any vehicle from us, we will provide you the vehicle you need. If we do not have your desired vehicle in our stock, we wkll use our vast network of dealers all over japan to help you find the vehicle of your choice. We can also help you design the vehiolce the way you want us to. We will also take care of all the documentation regarding the purchase of any vehiocle and can actually dispatch the documents to you vis post as well if needed. We have history of supplying vehicles to as far as Hokkaiod and Okinawa.

After-Sales Support

We provide you all the after-sales support whenever and wherever you need. We are ISO9001 verified company. We process more than 4500 vehicles on yearly basis.