Dark, Black Colored Cars Banned In Turkmenistan

Dark, Black Colored Cars Banned In Turkmanistan. This was a surprising news for all of us at Japanese Auto World office as to why the Turkmanistan government was banning dark, black-colored cars from being imported into their country. We thought we needed to share this interesting information with our readers. We got this information from www.khaleejtimes.com. We request our readers to give their color preferences for their cars. Which color car they drive now? Which color they are considering to purchase when they are out for their next car purchase.

In our opinion, this matter should be left to individual preferences. But, of course, we do not want to give our opinion on the decision by that government. Please do not forget to give your color preferences for the cars you want to buy.

Dark, Black Colored Cars Banned In Turkmanistan

This highly unpopular measure is already effective and follows a veto from 2015.

In a strange move, black and other dark colored cars have been banned in Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan.

The move comes after president Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow ordered banned on dark coloured cars as he considers white colour  lucky.

Chronicles of Turkmenistan reported that many cars were confiscated since the ban came into effect. “The police demand that cars of blue, red, green and other colours be towed to a car pound,” the newspaper reported.

It is only after the owners of the car sign a document and agree to paint their cars in a lighter colour that their cars are retrieved.

Known as the ‘City of White Marble’, the capital holds the world record for the highest concentration of white marble buildings.

“This highly unpopular measure is already effective and follows a veto from 2015, when black cars were prohibited from being imported into Turkmenistan,” Daily Pakistan stated.