Sanyu Trade Co., Ltd.

4-10-35 Sakasai Kashiwa-shi Chiba Japan 277-0042
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Car Exporters
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Mr. Kazuaki Fujinami
English, Japanese
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Company Information
Although we established Sanyu Trade Co., Ltd. in 2015, our president has worked with the famous Toyopet car dealer in Tokyo for 17 long years. While working with the car dealer, Mr. Fujinami has sold thousands of cars to Japanese customers in the Tokyo and suurounding areas.  His number one job as a top-class sales manager with the Toyota dealer was to make sure that the cars he offered to his varied customers met highest quality standards.  He exceeded his customers` expectations while making sure that the company he was working for was making reasonable profits out of every single deal he made.
Based on that long-term experience with one of the top Toyota dealers in Tokyo, the most competitive car automotive maker in the world, we would like to assure our customers spread all over the world that we never compromise on quality. We thoroughly inspect our cars before shipping the same to the customers globally. So far, we have served customers from New Zealand and East Africa. 
Please give us a chance to help you buy the car of your dreams for a reasonable price.  You may contact us at  Please also feel free to call us at +81-90-1701-7571 (WhatsApp call is OK)

Our Used Car Export Business Details
Business Hours: 9:00~17:00 (Japan time) Holiday: Sunday and Saturday afternoon.
Japan office Information
TEL: +81-48-950-8539
Japan Head Office: 4-10-35 Sakasai Kashiwa-shi Chiba Japan 277-0042
Japan Saitama Office: 1-563-2 Togasaki Misato-shi Saitama Japan 341-0044

Kazuaki Fujinami Sanyu-Trade co.,Ltd.CEO
My former job was to work at TOYOTA and SUMITOMO LIFE INSURANCE for about two decades.
Atsushi Yamaguchi Export & Shipping Manager

What Is So Special About Sanyu Trade Co., Ltd?

  • High-qualityJapanese used car exporter serving customers from all over the world
  • We will deliver only good quality cars to you
  • Low cost & fast shipping arrangement once we receive the payment from the customers
  • 8%Tax, Recycle charges free etc.
  • Our company will arrange to ship the vehicles in a timely manner.
  • Quick response to all the email inquiries you send to us
  • We will not wait for reply to your inquiries within two business days
  • If you would like to speak with us about any Japanese car of your choice, please call us at +81-90-9963-3296

Used Car Export by Sanyu Trade Co., Ltd.

How to Buy?

1. Please contact us via email to discuss Japanese vehicle of your choice
We will reply you immediately about the car you need. If the car is not available in our stock list,  we will look for your desired car in auto auction called i-AUC auction site.

2. In case of using auction.
# Vehicle name
# Maximum bidding amount
Please email us at
We will email the bid price of the i-AUC of the car you are looking for with a photo.
You can see the real bid price of i-AUC.

3.Deposit is 50% of the vehicle price
Please send the deposit to our bank account by T/T.

4.We will email you estimated total price of FOB,C&F,CIF.
We will bid on behalf of you if it is considered and decided.

5.When we will inform you of the total payment on the day of bidding
Please remit payment balance within 3days at T/T.

6.We will ship your car after confirming payment in full
Condition We will ship after confirming payment in full.
Inventory car We will inform you of stock car information on new arrivals.

FAQ Cancellation case?
Do not worry. Cancellation before shipment will be refunded in full amount.
But we will deduct bank transmission fee.

If our bid is not successful?
Do not worry.We can send back all deposit to you.But we will deduct bank
transmission fee
Note After we purchase your vehicle successfully, you can not cansel
Your order for the vehicle.

Transactions within the TRADECARVIEW are based on the terms of the TRADECARVIEW.
A car certificate NO.441090002756 Chiba Japan

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