How To Avoid Fraud/Scams While Buying A Used Japanese Vehicle

As a potential buyer of a used Japanese vehicle from Japan, you have to keep in mind that you may find some fraudulent exporters or other fake used Japanese car companies. They will try to steal your money through illegal means. In that case, one of the most important questiona you may want to ask yourself, is how to avoid fraud/scam while buying a used Japanese vehicle. in the following lines, we will try to address this important issue before you decide to purchase a car from a used Japanese car exporter.

How To Avoid Fraud/Scams While Buying A Used Japanese Vehicle

You might have heard about stolen vehicles, illegally remodeled vehicles or even fake invoices. One of the most popular ways fraudulent exporters or individuals use is that they send  you a fake invoice. Generally speaking, the way they try to cheat you is as follows.

In most of the cases, legally registered companies do not update their computers thus leaving a room for their computers to be hacked easily. Hackers use the information and communication which is going on between these exporters and their legitimate customers. They steal customers` names etc. and then send invoices directly to these customers that due to some reason, they can not receive money into their regular accounts. The customers should send the money located in a bank not located in Japan.

Precautions To Avoid Scam

  1. Always contact a legally registered used Japanese vehicle exporter
  2. Make sure that the price offered by a potential used Japanese car exporter is not too low
  3. Call your potential used Japanese car exporter at different times of the day to make sure that the company really exists
  4. Make sure that the car photos provided to you by the exporter you are real
  5. Always contact the used Japanese car exporter in person before remitting money to them
  6. Ask them for references if you have any doubts
  7. Always remit the money to their regular bank account.