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How To Import Used Japanese Vehicles Into New Zealand?

New Zealand has been one of the most important destination for new and used Japanese trucks, buses, vans and other passenger vehicles.  For you to be able to import used Japanese vehicles including trucks, buses etc. you have to meet certain requirements and present various documents to the relevant authorities in the country.  In contrast to import rules being followed in some African countries, the rules may be quite stringent and complicated. However, anyone could follow them fairly easily.

Documents Required For Importing Used Trucks Into New Zealand

For Customs Clearance:

  • Passport
  • Deregistration Certificate from Japan (original and certified English copy)
  • Agriculture Clearance (Biosecurity Clearance)
  • Invoices showing:
    • Export (FOB Japan) costs
    • Freight costs and marine insurance costs (if any) to NZ
    • Bill of Lading
    • Odometre readings:
      • At time of sale for export to NZ
      • At time of importation into NZ
    • For Biosecurity Clearance:

    • Vehicle Information:
      • Vehicle Identification (i.e. chassis number)
      • Make and Model
      • Origin
    • Shipment Details
    • Consignor ID -and-
    • Consignee ID and Consignee’s Address
    • For Entry Certification

    • For obtaining a VIN (if necessary):
      • Any document that has a number to verify the vehicle. (e.g. Chassis No.)
    • For proof of passing Front Impact Standards either:
      • Proof vehicle is listed on one of LTNZ’s frontal impact lists as complying.
      • Proof vehicle was manufactured in Japan after 1 January 1996 (1 July 2000 for Kei Class) for the JDM.
      • Decertification/Export Certificate that includes a TDN. (Type Designation Number)
      • Statement of Compliance that includes that includes a frontal impact standard.
    • For proof of passing Safety Standards either:
      • Statement of Compliance with letter on manufacturer’s letterhead.
      • Completion of Inspection (Shaken)
      • Certificate with TDN if previously unregistered.
      • Deregistration Certificate or Export Certificate if previously registered.
        • If the car was manufactured outside of Japan it will also need a TDN.
    • For proof of passing Emission Standards either:
      • Statement of Compliance that includes an approved emissions standard.
      • An Emissions Code and hyphen (-) before the Industrial Model Code found on one of the following:
        • Deregistration Certificate
        • Export Certificate -or-
        • Completion of Inspection (Shaken) Certificate

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