Major Differences Between Toyota Probox & Toyota Succeed?

Major Differences Between Toyota Probox & Toyota Succeed?

What are the major differences between Toyota Probox & Toyota Succeed? That is the question we will try to address in the following lines. Toyota introduced both Toyota Probox and Toyota Succeed vans in 2002. Both these Toyota cars were meant for light commercial needs. Both these cars were based on their more advanced version of Toyota Fielder. In some countries such as Peru, Bolivia, and Myanmar, the Probox model is being used as a taxi. These two cars received a facelift in 2014 to better meet the growing and somewhat changing needs of customers in Japan and elsewhere.

Major Differences Between Toyota Probox & Toyota Succeed?

Detailed Description Of Toyota Probox and Toyota Succeed

Although both these cars are in a van shape, Toyota Probox was marketed as a light commercial vehicle. However, Toyota Succeed is sold more as a station wagon which can be used as a commercial vehicle as well. The Toyota Probox (short for a box) and its more ‘luxurious’ twin, the Succeed, have been on sale in Japan since 2002. Both the Probox and the Succeed are designed as small multipurpose commercial vans. They both feature efficient engines, large luggage compartments and can be used to match any business requirements such as luggage handling and passenger transportation, etc.

Both these cars are especially popular in under-developed countries or among people who do not want to spend much money but want to have a good running car which serves not only as a vehicle for transporting goods but also works well for carrying passengers.  These cars are cost-effective vehicles having a spacious interior and fairly comfortable seats.

Although both Toyota Probox and Toyota Succeed, the two light commercial vehicles, were introduced by Toyota at around the same time, they have some minor differences worth mentioning. In the following lines, we are going to list these major differences between Toyota Probox and Toyota Succeed. With the facelift of the two vehicles in 2014, the fuel consumption of both engines is reduced by 18%. The cars may not look good to an ordinary passenger who cares about luxury as well.  However, recently, Toyota has made some aesthetic improvements in the interior and exterior of both the cars to make them more acceptable to families as well who want to enjoy a comfortable ride.

Major Differences Between Toyota Probox & Toyota Succeed?

  • Toyota Succeed is larger than the Toyota Probox. The later is shorter in length by 105mm, and the cargo compartment is smaller by 20mm compared to Toyota Succeed
  • The interior and exterior of Toyota Succeed are designed such that it can often be used as a station wagon as well
  • Toyota Probox is a basic version of Toyota Succeed
  • Toyota Succeed`s weight capacity is 450KG while Probox, the lighter version can carry up to
  • Toyota Probox has bench-type seats. It means you do not get much comfort by sitting in the car. However, Toyota Succeed is better than Toyota Probox in this respect.
  • Toyota Probox can run 18 km/litre while Toyota Succeed can run 15km/l due to a little bigger engine size

Why People Love Toyota Probox/ Toyota Succeed?

  • People love these two cars as light commercial vehicles because both are very economical in terms of fuel economy.
  • Toyota marketed Probox as a reliable car. It has rear shock absorbers which can carry 400KG worth of goods. On the other hand, Toyota LandCruiser, despite all its bells and whistles,  can carry only 350KG of weight.
  • Toyota Probox serves as a multi-purpose vehicle. It can carry even more weights than recommended without having any performance issues.
  • Its spare parts are available in most of the countries around the world. So, it becomes easy to maintain.
  • It provides reasonable safety features such as airbags

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