How To Remove Bugs, Bumper Stickers On Cars?

How To Remove Bugs, Bumper Stickers On Cars? THat is the question I have often pondered upon due to the wide variety of bugs and bumper stickers I see every time I buy a used car.  I am sure everyone faces this situation every now and then. Some people do not care about these issues, while other righly think that the car they buy should be clean from every angle. It should not ave any stains, bad smell, bumper stickers, or bugs on any part of the car. In the following lines, you will see some important methods by using which you could get rid of these bumper stickers and bugs from your car.  We have taken the following information from, one of the most famous website on the Internet. Now, let us jump into the details of how to remove bugs, bumper stickers on cars. We hope you will be able to use the information properly to clean up your car the next time you see any dust on your car.

How To Remove Bugs, Bumper Stickers On Cars?
Cooking Spray
When those bugs smash into your car at 55 miles (88 kilometers), per hour, they really stick. Give your grille a spritz of nonstick cooking spray so you can just wipe away the insect debris.
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If those tattered old bumper stickers on your car make you feel more nauseated than nostalgic, it’s time to break out the vinegar. Saturate the top and sides of the sticker with undiluted distilled vinegar and wait 10-15 minutes for the vinegar to soak through. Then use an expired credit card (or one of those promotional plastic cards that come in the mail) to scrape it off. Use more full-strength vinegar to get rid of any remaining gluey residue. Use the same technique to detach those cute decals your youngster used to decorate the back windshield.
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It’s bad enough that your car grille and hood have to get splattered with bugs every time you drive down the interstate, but do they have to be so darn tough to scrape off? The answer is no. Just spray some WD-40 on the grille and hood before going for a drive and most of the critters will slide right off. The few bugs that are left will be easy to wipe off later without damaging your car’s finish.
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