Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa Buses

Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa Bus

Today, we plan to introduce Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa bus. The reason for that is we are going to partner with one of the most popular Japanese exporter of Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa bus along with other used Japanese , microbuses, and regular sized buses. The name of our partner company is Auto Galaxy. They are specialists in supplying high quality used Japanese Micro, Mini and regular buses to customers all over the world.
It has consistently been one of the most bus , Japanese companies have exported to overseas markets so far.

Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa Buses
Today, we plan to discuss its features and shapes it has taken since it was first introduced by Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation.  Now it is in its fourth generation. Its major competitors in Japan and other markets are Isuzu Journey, Nissan Civilian and Toyota Coaster.

Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa Body Types
Currently, it is distributed in the following three body styles.

  1. Short body (16- or 25-seater)
  2. Long body (16-, 23-, 25- or 28-seater)
  3. Super long body (23-, 24-, 29- or 33?seater)

As mentioned on the Mitsubishi Truck and Bus Corporation website,  "Rosa makes moving people easy, safe and comfortable. Our range can be broken into two model groups; Standard and Deluxe. With the choice of 22 or 25 seat capacity, as well manual or automatic transmission, it’s clear to see why Rosa is the best-selling bus in its class twelve years running."

Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa Bus Features
Some of the most important features of the Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa bus are as follows.

  • Up to 25 seats including the driver.
  • Forward position of passenger entrance door makes it easier for driver to see passengers entering/exiting the bus.
  • Large bonded passenger windows for unobstructed outside view.



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