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Used Car Import Regulations For Your Country

Everyone wants to buy the best used and almost brand new Japanese car for their needs. However, every country has different import regulations for importing used Japanese cars from Japan. In the following lines, we are going to discuss some important used car import regulations for your country. The rules may vary from country to country. However, various countries have been trying to control the entry of certain types of vehicles by enforcing certain regulations.

Used Car Import Regulations For Your Country

Import duties and other taxes may vary from one country to another. In the same way,.the documents you need to show to the custom authorities may also be different from other countries.  Some other countries may require certain inspection to be made before the car is shipped to them.  Still other countries may require the car to be inspected once it arrives at the destination port. 
However, the most important used car important regulation for your country could be a certain year imposed by your government. We have listed up some of the countries along with their corresponding years below or above which you can not import a used car from Japan.

Manufacturing Year Limitation

  1. Angola: Minimum Year: 2013
  2. Bahamas: Minimum Year: 2008
  3. Burundi: Minimum Year: 2006
  4. Canada: Up To Year: 2002
  5. Cyprus: Minimum Year: 2013
  6. Jamaica: Minimum Year: 2012
  7. Kenya: Minimum Year: 2011 
  8. Liberia: Minimum Year: 2006
  9. Namibia: Minimum Year: 2010
  10. United States: Up To Year: 1992
  11. Malawi: 2008 and older vehicles require higher import taxes. So, selecting from 2009 above might be the best ebt for you to importa a used car from Japan.

The years mentioned above may change without any prior notice. You need to confirm the minimum year limit with your local import authorities or your local shipping agent                                      to get a clear understanding about the import duties to be levied upon and the minimum year limit at the time you decide to buy a used Japanese car from us. We may also be let yo