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Used Japanese Buses For Sale From Japan

Let us face it. We did not have used Japanese buses for sale from Japan in our stock list up until recently. But, today, I am glad to report to you that, we have now, tons of high quality premium class used Japanese buses, micro buses of all sizes and types ready to be sold. In the coming paragraphs, we plan to give you a brief rundown of what used japanese buses are available with us, what their qualities are and why you should choose one of them if you plan to buy one these days.

Used Japanese Buses For Sale From Japan

Japanese buses come in wide variety of engine sizes and seating capacities. and number of seats.  Buses are road vehicles designed to carry many passengers. They can carry up to 300 passengers at the same time.

At the time of this writing, we have the following types of high quality used Jaopanese buses available in our stock.

Types of Buses

Generally speaking, there are following types of buses available in Japan and elsewhere.  
    • Single-decker buses:-A bus having single deck for passengers
    • Double-decker buses:- A bus having double deck for passengers
    • Articulated buses:-A bus having single deck designed. It comprises two sections joined by two rigid sections
    • City buses:-A bus used for shorter distances, generally, within a city or nearby areas
    • Micro-buses:-A passenger-carrying motor vehicle which can carry more passengers than a regular car or minivan or van but less than the capacity of a full sized bus. Typically, it can carry from 8 to 33 passengers
    • Mini-buses:- The word is syononymously used as Micro bus
    • School buses:- Buses carrying school kids or even university students as the need may arise
    • Inter-city buses:- Typically, the bus is used for carrying passengers over a long distance connecting two or more cities
    • Coaches
    • Shuttle buses

Uses of Japanese Buses

As in other countries, there are many other uses of buses as well.
    • Buses for private hire
    • Tourist buses
    • Promotional buses
    • Rock & pop band tour buses