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Used Nissan Civilian Bus For Sale In Japan

Japanese Auto World has been offering used Nissan Civilian bus for sale in Japan for some time now. In the following lines, we are going to discuss the salient features of Nissan Civilian bus. It is one of the most popular used Japanese bus being sold by Japanese exporters. Many of our customers like used Nissan Civilian bus due to its reliability, fuel consumption and durability.  We have the following stock of high quality used Nissan Civilian buses for sale in Japan.. Please consider buying any one of them.

Used Nissan Civilian Bus For Sale In Japan

History Of Nissan Civilian Bus

The Nissan Civilian bus has been used as a public bus, and as an intercity bus in Japan since 1959. Nissan Motor Co. first introduced Nissan Civilian bus in 1959. Since then, Its main competitors in the local and international markets have been as follows.

Main Competitors of Nissan Civilian Bus

Main Uses Of Nissan Civilian Bus in Japan & Elsewhere

  • Bloodmobile

  • Police Bus

  • School Bus

  • Residential transportation

  • Grand saloon bus

  • Ambulance

  • Motorhome

  • Library Car

  • Execution Van (Prisoner transporter)

  • Wheelchair Van

However, many owners of the Nissan Civilian bus change it to whatever shape and form it suits them. Depending on the situation at hand, Nissan Civilian owners convert it according to their own specific requirements.

Main Stats Of Nissan Civilian Bus

First Introduced; 1959

Predecessor: Nissan Echo

Seating Capacity: 26 to 30 passengers

Class: Minibus or Microbus

Body Style: Single decker bus

Engine Capacity: Mostly 4,000 CC )there have been small variations as well).

Transmission: Manual or automatic

Major Purposes: Used as a school bus or a tourist bus in Japan and elsewhere.

Major markets of Nissan Civilian bus: Japan, Middle East, Africa, Central & South America and Asia Pacific Region

Nissan Civilian Bus Engine Types

Currently, Nissan Civilian bus is sold under three different names which are as follows.

  1. Civilian

  2. W41

  3. W 41 (please note the space between W and 41 for its naming convention)

Major markets of Nissan Civilian bus: Japan, Middle East, Africa, Central & South America and Asia Pacific Region

Some enthusiasts convert Nissan Civilian bus to a camping bus according to their own liking. Few others complain that the Nissan Civilian bus consumes petrol quite heavily. However, keeping in view its commercial nature, it may not be that thirsty on petrol. Most of the users of this bus strongly believe that this is a good solid and reliable bus to be used for commercial purposes in all weather conditions.

Nissan Civilian Reviews & Ratings

According to most of the reviewers on the Internet, a used Nissan Civilian bus is an excellent buy for commercial purposes. Its engine and gear performance are excellent. It comes both in manual and automatic gear transmissions.  It uses only gasoline/petrol and no diesel at all.  The passenger capaicty is between 26 to 30 seats. It comes in a wide variety of colors. It has right hand steering wheel. It has two doors.

Which Version of Nissan Civilian is Preferrable?

At the end of the day, it all depends on personal preferenxces of our customers of Nissan Civilian bus. However, we discuss the various versions of Nissan Civilian bus available throughout the years. Over the years, it has gone through several changes.

Availability of Used Nissan Civilian Bus for Sale in Japan

Nissan Civilian Bus Interior

 If you are in the market looking for a reliable and solid bus for commercial or private puirposes, Nissan Civilian bus could be a good choice for you. As mentioned earlier, we have large number of high quality used Nissan Civilian buses available for sale in Japan.

These used Japanese Nissan Civilian buses come in various colors, manufacturing years and conditions. These buses are known for comfort, safety and durability. Please let us know if you have any question regarding this bus. We are ready to answer any questions you may have regarding the quality and mechanical condition of any used Nissan Civilian bus we have in our stock.