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Suzuki Alto 2023 Review

Suzuki Alto 2023 Review

Suzuki has shown the first images of the new Alto Kei to the Japanese market. The distinctive two-box hatchback shape of the new Alto has been retained, but the exterior has been entirely changed. The front sports a sculpted bumper and more rounded headlights, giving it a less aggressive appearance than the 2014 model.

Exterior Design

The new model's profile and rear end are more characteristic of a city vehicle, without the Ignis-inspired window line, resulting in a boxier look due to the more upright windscreen and flat roofline. The former Alto's low-mounted taillights have been raised to a good position on the trunk sides in this configuration. The wheelbase of the new Alto is 2,460 mm (96.9 inches), the length is 3,395 mm (133.7 inches), the width is 1,475 mm (58.1 inches), and the height is 1,525 mm (60 inches). The front bumper still has the off-center number plate, but the various shapes and indentations make it seem more attractive. A conventional horizontal strip above the air dam has replaced the left-aligned grille slats. It likewise gets new headlights that are comparable in plan but rounder. The new model receives more conventional-looking vertical tail lamps set at the same height as the door handles and above the new bumper. The previous model's tail lamps were located low on the rear bumper.


The familiar layout on the inside suggests that the new generation is more like a major redesign of the previous model. However, the four-seater cabin features several new components, including a redesigned dashboard with a new steering wheel, and additional storage compartments. The layout of the new instrument cluster, which still features a large analog speedometer and a sleek digital display on the bottom right, is the most noticeable change. The dashboard's various sections appear to rise toward the passengers, giving it a lively appearance. It has a similar touchscreen infotainment framework flanked by vertical AC vents and a similar focal control center for the environmental controls and drives selector.

Engine Transmission

The buyer has four additional choices for purchasing the two-tone versions in addition to the numerous color options. With 2WD and 4WD models, standard gasoline and hybrid options are available. The existing 660cc three-cylinder petrol engine, an integrated starter generator (ISG), and a lithium-ion battery pack make up the mild-hybrid powertrain on the Suzuki Alto. The electric motor adds another 2.5 hp (1.9 kW/2.6 PS) and 40 Nm (29.5 lb-ft) to the gasoline engine's 48 hp (36 kW/49 PS) and 58 Nm (42.8 lb-ft) of torque. A CVT gearbox transfers power to the front wheels (with all-wheel drive) or all four wheels (with four-wheel drive).

Fuel Economy

Its claimed fuel consumption is 3.61 lt/100 km (65 mph), making it more fuel-efficient than its predecessor, which was already economical.


In 2022, the JDM-spec Suzuki Alto is expected to hit the Japanese market, and a different, newer model of the same generation is likely to hit other markets soon after. Prices for the Alto range from ¥943,800, or $8,251, for the base, non-hybrid 2WD model with steel wheels, to ¥1,535,600, or $13,424, for the full-spec, hybrid 4WD model with all the available options.

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