Used Suzuki Jimny For Sale

Used Suzuki Jimny is a car I have loved for a long time after I entered the used Japanese car export business. It is a lovely little legendary car that has a huge following in various countries. Its SJ10 and SJ30. and SJ40 models are especially popular among enthusiasts from England, Ireland, Germany, and Japan. Japanese Auto World has various models of used Suzuki Jimny car available for sale. 

Today, we plan to give you a detailed introduction of used Suzuki Jimny car, its price, availability, and how it has evolved for the past five decades after it was first introduced in Japan in the 1970s. Please feel free to contact us regarding any used Suzuki Jimny car model as we have become one of the most resourceful dealers in Japan to offer this car to our customers all over the world.

Suzuki Jimny Review

Suzuki Jimny Basic Introduction

Suzuki Jimny is a four-wheel-drive off-road two-stroke mini SUV, made by Suzuki Corporation in April 1970. So far, Suzuki Corp. has sold around 3 million units of this car in 194 countries starting from 1970 until the beginning of 2020. So far, the company has released four generations of Suzuki Jimny car. The following is a table listing all the Suzuki Jimny models introduced at various stages of its existence as a reliable 4×4 off-roader.

Suzuki Jimny At Various Phases Of Its History

First Generation (1970)LJ10 




Second Generation (1981)SJ30 


 Maruti Gypsy 

 Farm Worker 4×4 


 Ranger Kitcar 

 Coil Spring Edition 

Third Generation (1998)Mazda AZ-Offroad 

Fourth Generation (2018)Safety 



Suzuki Jimny is still based on a traditional steel-ladder frame chassis. It has a four-cylinder petrol engine with 100bhp and 95lb ft, and 200cc more capacity than its previous versions.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments regarding the Suzuki Jimny car.  We can help you source the car starting from 1974. Recently, we sold a 1979 SJ10 model. Now, we are in the process of selling a beautiful 1982 SJ30 car. We have access to 140 used car auction houses in Japan on a weekly basis. We also have deep connections with used car dealers in various parts of Japan. All this helps us find a dream car for you no matter which makes and models you may need.

Used Suzuki Jimny Sales, Availability

Japanese Auto World is capable of supplying a premium-quality used Suzuki Jimny car for a reasonable price. Thanks to our strong business relationships with local dealers and end-users in Japan, we could get you a top-quality used Suzuki Jimny of any year and model within a short period of time.

It sells strongly in the UK, Ireland, US, and Japanese markets. Although we are able to sell all Suzuki Jimny models starting from the year 1974 up the latest 2020 Suzuki Jimny car, most people love the older versions more than the new ones. In fact, one dealer in the UK has already started offering used Suzuki Jimny exclusively to customers. We are also considered an expert in providing high-quality used Jimny cars of any type and model in the world.

Customer Comments About Suzuki Jimny Cars

All our customers of used Suzuki Jimny car love this light-weight 4X4 off-road Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). It is cheap, reliable, and serves the purpose pretty well. It is a very capable off-roader which can run on rough terrains quite easily. In fact, this is an unbeatable car in its class and price range.

Some customers think that, although its design may look ugly from the inside, it is a truly compact car that can easily compete with much larger rivals such as Wrangler and Land Cruiser. Although it is much cheaper than its larger rivals, its power is not that different from them. It has a formidable reputation as an off-roader. You can easily maneuver its wheels the way you want.

While talking to our customers, we have noticed that Suzuki Jimny has very loyal buyers. The first two generations of Suzuki Jimny lasted for about 20 years. Most of the customers we have specifically ask for older models such as SJ10, SJ30 and its parts etc.