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Why Do People Japanese Mini Trucks Globally?

Why Do People Japanese Mini Trucks Globally?

Unless you live under the rocks, you’ve likely heard of the Japanese Kei trucks before. These small-sized vehicles are popular across Asia, and lately, they’ve been making waves in North America, too.

In the US, Canada, and even Europe, the sight of Kei trucks is something that leaves people astounded. And quite rightly so.

In this post, we’re going to be looking at several reasons Kei trucks are now making waves in North America.

Why are Japanese Mini Trucks so popular?

To understand the reason for their popularity, one needs to first dive into the world of Kei truck applications. That is, what they are used for.

Traditionally, Kei trucks were used in Asia across various industries, including agriculture, fisheries, construction, and firefighting. In recent times, though, the Japanese mini truck has found applications in retail, supply, ranches, parks, schools, distribution, and moving businesses.

Thanks to these new use cases, Kei trucks gradually made their way into the global market. Today, individuals and businesses in Europe, Africa, and the Americas now leverage the Japanese Kei truck for various purposes.

For example, in the US, you can find the Japanese mini truck being used for activities like hunting, off-road tours, groundskeeping, load carrying, farming, etc. Even in countries like Canada, the Kei truck is converted into mini dump trucks. In some parts, you can see folks plowing snow with the Kei truck.

Businesses are also not left behind. The Japanese truck has made supply and delivery easier for many brands in many countries worldwide.

The construction industry is also embracing Japanese mini trucks. Folks in the industry now use Kei trucks to transport workers, equipment, and site materials. The same is true of the event, hospitality, food, and furniture industry.

Summarily, Kei trucks have found relevance in almost all industries globally. And that’s thanks to its adaptability.

Reasons Kei trucks became so popular

So far, we’ve proven that the Japanese mini truck is embraced worldwide. Now, let’s figure out the reasons behind this love and acceptance.

1. Cheap cost of procurement

The first reason the Japanese Kei truck is loved by most is that it costs less than most. Whereas other mini truck lines cost tens of thousands, Kei trucks typically cost only a few thousand. For example, on the dealership website, you can buy a new Suzuki mini truck for as low as $13,000. If you wanted to buy the American alternative – say, a wrangler, Jeep, or Toyota – you would need to budget nothing less than $20k+ and above.

2. Availability of used ones

Another beautiful thing about the Kei trucks is the possibility of buying a used one. For as low as $1-$2k, you can get your hands on a well-maintained Japanese mini truck that will serve you for many years to come.

Many people who buy mini trucks do becathis use of this reason.

3. They stand out

Businesses overseas use mini trucks because they make their brand hard to miss. Seeing as not many people know about mini trucks, many companies use that opportunity to leave an impression on the public and stand out from the competition.

Imagine you’ve never seen a Japanese mini truck before, and then you suddenly see a Daihatsu pass by you. Chances are you’ll stop and take a closer look at the vehicle. For the owner of that truck, that’s a +1 on the brand awareness scorecard.

4. Perfect for small spaces

Mini trucks are easy to drive, especially when used for short distances. This is why farmers and gardeners love them – great small turns on small premises.

5. Perfect for short-distance delivery

The pickup-like nature of these small trucks makes them good options for small-distance delivery. For example, folks who do doorstep deliveries or town-to-town deliveries.

6. Easy to handle and maintain

The Japanese Kei trucks come with a lightweight body, making for easy cleaning and maintenance.

7. Relatively quiet engine sound

Japanese mini trucks are typically quieter than your regular pickup vehicles or minivans. Even when blazing at full revs, the engine sound is still quiet. This relatively quiet sound is why Kei trucks are favored amongst hunters.

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