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Used Toyota Mark X For Sale In Japan
Toyota Mark X  is the successor to an older Toyota car titled Mark 11. It is a mid-level car introduced by Toyota Motor Corporation in 2004. Loyal owners as well as enthusiasts like Toyota Mark X.  In the international markets, people are more familiar with a similar car by Toyota titled Toyota Crown.  The Mark X is a continuation of the previous Mark II and its siblings, Toyota Chaser and Toyota Cresta. The marketing team at Toyota repeated an approach attempted by the short-... + read more
Used Nissan Civilian Bus For Sale In Japan
Japanese Auto World has been offering used Nissan Civilian bus for sale in Japan for some time now. In the following lines, we are going to discuss the salient features of Nissan Civilian bus. It is one of the most popular used Japanese bus being sold by Japanese exporters. Many of our customers like used Nissan Civilian bus due to its reliability, fuel consumption and durability.  We have the following stock of high quality used Nissan Civilian buses for sale in Japan.. Please consider... + read more
used Toyota Allion for sale in Japan
It would have been odd to write another blog post about Toyota Allion when we have not yet finished writing about the comparison between Toyota Allion and Toyota Premio. Indeed, these are two of the best sedans offered by Toyota.  However, we were excited to write about the car again due to its top quality, its availability and the best price offer we can give to our customers globally. It is one of the best sedan car Toyota has ever offered. In fact, both Toyota Allion and Toyota Premio... + read more
Used Toyota Allion For Sale In Japan
Toyota introduced both Toyota Allion and Toyota Premio sedans in 2001. Toyota Allion was a replacement of Toyota Carina while Toyota Premio became the successor of Toyota Corona. Both cars use the same 1NZ-FE engine. Although the company has made some periodic changes in Toyota Allion and Toyota Premio, they did not change the exterior dimensions of the cars. Hardcore followers of all things Toyota, love both these cars. Japanese Auto World has used Toyota Allion for sale available in Japan.... + read more
Used Japanese Buses For Sale From Japan
Let us face it. We did not have used Japanese buses for sale from Japan in our stock list up until recently. But, today, I am glad to report to you that, we have now, tons of high quality premium class used Japanese buses, micro buses of all sizes and types ready to be sold. In the coming paragraphs, we plan to give you a brief rundown of what used japanese buses are available with us, what their qualities are and why you should choose one of them if you plan to buy one these days. Used... + read more
Used Japanese Vehicles For Kenya
Today, I am excited to share with you the news about increasing number of orders we have been receiving from our customers in Kenya. While discussing our customer requirements, we often get questions about import regulations, most popular cars for the market and their prices. I believe, we need to answer these questions on our website so that used Japanese vehicle customers for Kenya can benefit from these replies. This blog post is specifically about the most popular used Japanese vehicles for... + read more
Toyota Probox Review, Price, Fuel Consumption
Toyota Probox is a small station wagon popular among customers with low budget all around the world. The title of today{s blog, as you know, is "Toyota Probox Review, Price, Fuel Consumption. We want to have an in-depth review of the car, its price structure and the fuel economy it offers to its drivers. This car is a younger sibling of another station wagon called Toyota Succeed. We have discussed the comparison between the two cars mentioning their similarities and differences in detail... + read more
Used Toyota Voxy from Japan
Toyota Voxy or Noah is one of the first car in Japan I fell in love with soon after getting my driving license in Tokyo. In this blog post, I plan to give you a detailed overview of the excellent car many people in Japan like to drive. We will also provide a link to the used Toyota Voxy for sale in Japan through our website. Toyota Noah or Voxy is a seven or eight seater MPV car with two sliding doors in the rear area. Used Toyota Voxy For Sale In Japan
Buying A Used Toyota Vitz From Japan
Buying a used Toyota Vitz from Japan is one of the best decision a person could take with low budget. Our objective in this blog post is to give you a brief introduction of Toyota Vitz and its variants since it was luanched in 1999. In the meantime, you may want to see Toyota Vitz cars we have available on our website. If you need another Toyota Vitz with a different color or manufacturing year, please send us an email message at Buying A Used Toyota Vitz From... + read more
Mazda MPV
Is a used Mazda MPV car good for you? Well, that is the question we will try to answer in the following lines. The Mazda MPV is a multi-purpose-vehicle which Mazda first launched in 1988 as a rear-wheel model. The company started offering a front-wheel drive version of the car in 1999. So far, the car has gone through the grenerations. For the time being, we have the following cars used Mazda MPV cars in our stock.  Please have a look at the details. If the car you are looking for is not... + read more
used Toyota Prius From Japan
Writing about used Toyota Prius from Japan has always been a topic we are passionate about. It is the car we actually love due to its fuel efficiency, its shape and, above all, its reliability. It is the pioneer in the hybrid segment of auto makers globally. The amount of money which you could save in terms of fuel efficiency makes the car all the more attractive. It has above-average cargo space and an impressive futuristic dashboard. You will find many advance safety features in the car as... + read more
Used Toyota Estima Car From Japan
Toyota Estima or Toyota Previa or Toyota Tarago is a multi-purpose vehicle. It is a super charge, all-wheel drive minivan.Toyota introduced the vehicle in 1990. In the US and Canada, the car is called as Previa minivan. Toyota terms both Toyota Sienna and Toyota Estima as the second largest minivan among Toyota`s models after Toyota Alphard/Velfire. Its specifications range from basic to luxurious. Today, we plan to provide you basic information about used Toyota Estima Car From Japan. We will... + read more
Used Japanese car videos
Japanese Auto World is delighted to anmounce that we have made videos for some of our stock of used Japanese cars which specifically demonstrate how the cars in question run on the road.  We are sure that you will also like these cars by looking at the videos.  The cars we, at JAW, have taken the videos for are in great running condition. If you like these used Japanese car stock videos, we will try to list up more such videos for  you to look at.  By looking at these videos... + read more
Used Japanese Bus Or A New One: Which One to Buy?
Buying a used or new Japanese bus could be one of your most important investment in the years to come.  As Japanese buses can be used in number of ways you need to think thoroughly before you actually make the buying decision. One of the most important question to consider is as folloows. "Used Japanese bus or a new one: which one to buy?" Sometimes, it may become a complicated issue especially if it is going to be your first purchase of a used or new Japanese bus for commercial... + read more
Lexus Introduces A New Generation Of Lexus ES
Lexus brand has been extremely popular among its ardent following since the first generation of Lexus was introduced by the company.  Even after six generations, the car is stillo oloved by car enthyusiasts all over the world. Recently, Lexus introduced a new generation of Lexus E5. In the following lines, we want to present the main highlights of the car. Lexus Introduces A New Generation Of Lexus ES BEIJING―After six generations of unprecedented success in the midsize sedan category... + read more


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